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What to Read Link Up: Truthfulness mylearningtable.com

Books for Teaching Kids Truthfulness

Teaching kids to be truthful is something that you have to do through your everyday actions and expectations throughout their entire lives. When they are little, kid fibs can be kind of cute, but after smiling to myself, I reinforce the importance of honesty with them. “Where did you put the kitty?” “I don’t know…” “Um, why is the kitty squalling?” “It inside the box.” Okay, so he did know where kitty was in the first place, but was kind of playfully keeping that fact hidden. Not a really big deal, but if I didn’t take that opportunity to explain that when Mommy asks him something, he must tell the truth, then I wonder what bigger things that example might lead to. Truthfulness is something we all work on and struggle with at times. And, I realize that it would be unrealistic to expect my kids to be truthful all the time. It’s human nature not to be, isn’t it? But, by teaching the importance of truthfulness in our daily example, maybe that will help strengthen our kids’ conscience and make them at least thing twice before not being truthful when it comes to the bigger things. I think that is evident in my teens today–they both seem to really value truth and are growing to be honest and forthright young men.

As we read books with truthfulness as a theme, we take the opportunity to discuss it further. We had a wonderful conversation about this recently while studying Hamlet, and then again while reading Frankenstein. My 15-year-old was really frustrated that Victor Frankenstein didn’t just tell someone what he’d done–before so much tragedy ensued. But then, there wouldn’t have been much of a story if he had. There are many wonderful books for early learners that handle truthfulness, but don’t forget to find themes of truthfulness in upper level reading as well, and be sure to start a conversation with your older child.

Here are some of our favorite books about truthfulness:

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