What to Read Link Up: Monkey Books for Kids

A Year of Monkeys

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2016 is the Chinese year of the monkey, and we’re sharing our favorite monkey themed books to keep the fun going all year long. At our house, we’ve had a lot of unusual pets, but never a monkey–although our oldest son has been asking for one since he was little. I don’t think I’m ready for a pet that could get into SO much trouble. Instead, we’ll enjoy reading about Curious George’s exploits and hunting for Bananas Gorilla in Richard Scarry’s Busy Busy Town. If you want to tie in some history, don’t miss the story of how H. A. and Margret Rey fled their home on bicycles in wartime Paris, carrying their children’s book manuscripts with them.

Do you have any monkey themed books to add to our list? Feel free to add them in the comments below.

Happy Reading!

Our favorite books about monkeys

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Comments (10)

  1. Michele Morin

    Caps for Sale!! Such good memories!

    1. Anne Campbell (Post author)

      It’s one of our favorites! 🙂

  2. linda spiker

    What a cute idea! Great list of books.

  3. Karen Grosz

    Anything Curious George would be my favorite monkey read.

  4. L.E. Mastilock

    The one and Only Ivan made us cry and cry! I would only recommend it for kids at least eight. Maybe older. But these are all great books about monkeys!

    1. Anne Campbell (Post author)

      Yes–the last two are definitely for kids a little older–both great books!

  5. Mother of 3

    Such cute monkey books. We love Curious George and all of his books.

    1. Anne Campbell (Post author)

      Curious George is a longtime favorite at our house, too!

  6. Chris

    Hi Anne~ GREAT picks!! I miss these from my kids’ childhoods. Now that my youngest is in middle school, I’ve decided to embark at the end of the school year on a picture book/author study and write off the books in a memoir style. Hmmm…maybe a blog psot in the works for that?! LOL

    I did not have monkey books this week…more of a wrap up on titles we’re into. I’ve been linking with Katie forever and just rec;d her email about you as hostess. It’s nice to meet you! I’ll subscribe so as not to miss any of your posts. You have a lovely blog.

    If you have a list you use to contact participants as to the timing of your link opening each week, I’d love to be added too. THANK YOU

    I’ll switch the code in the What to Read button on my sidebar so it links here from now on.

    Thanks for hosting ANne. God bless

    1. Anne Campbell (Post author)

      Thank you, Chris! I’m happy that you’ll still be linking up. I always enjoy your posts. The link up will go live at 6 am EST each week, and I’ll be sure to send a reminder in my newsletter so you won’t miss out. I love your idea for a picture book study. No matter how old my kids get, I still love to incorporate picture books into our days as often as I can. 🙂


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