What to Read Link Up: Grandparents Books for Kids

What to Read Link Up: Grandparents mylearningtable.com

Grandparents are the Greatest

If you are fortunate enough to have grandparents in your life, don’t underestimate the importance of these relationships. Grandparents have so much to teach us and offer a special kind of unconditional love that can’t be replaced. I love to share stories with my boys that I heard from my grandparents, and as my son and I cook together, we think about Grandmama as we use her metal measuring spoons and stir mixes in her Pyrex bowls. My boys are fortunate to have three of their grandparents living, and they are extra fortunate to live close enough to see them almost weekly. I think about my dad every day as my boys do things that I wish her were here to witness and share.

  • This Family Themed Unit Study has some ideas for learning more about your grandparents and getting to know them better. Getting together for the holidays provides a wonderful opportunity for finding out more about your grandparents’ history.
  • Make Family Scrapbooks from Scratch following these ideas.

Here are some of our favorite grandparent books:

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