What to Read Wednesday: Duck Books for Kids

All About Ducks

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Ducks are such funny creatures–they start off so cute and fuzzy, and as they grow, they can be so graceful and beautiful. We forayed into duck ownership a couple of years ago when my family surprised me with two little ducklings for Mother’s Day. They were adorable, but so, so hard to take care of. We kept them inside and let them swim in the jacuzzi every day, until they grew too big for their enclosure and were begging to move outside. (They poop A LOT.) Unfortunately, our two backyard chickens would not tolerate them AT ALL. In fact, they were determined to murder them, so we were at odds about what to do. We ended up finding them a good home with some nearby neighbors who have a pond. It was a learning experience for sure, and if you’re thinking about ducks as pets, I recommend the last book on our list this week as required reading material beforehand.

We are sharing our favorite kids’ books about ducks below. If you have any to add to our list, please let us know in the comments. Be sure to scroll all the way down and add your family friendly links to our linky as well. Have fun learning about ducks–QUACK!!! šŸ™‚

Our duckies, Angus and Ping–they grow up so fast!

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How about a duck book?

Our Favorite Books About Ducks

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