Teaching the Art of Persuasion: Thank You for Arguing

Teaching ideas for rhetoric and persuasive speech and writing for high school

Arguing and the Art of Persuasion

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Thank You for Arguing: What Aristotle, Lincoln, and Homer Simpson Can Teach Us About the Art of Persuasion is a guide to the art of persuasion by the master of rhetoric, Jay Heinrichs. This updated edition includes tools every student needs for effective writing, speaking, and debating. This book is a good resource for upper high school language arts and as preparation for the AP English Language & Composition exam.

Important Skills for High School and Beyond

Learning the art of effective persuasion is an important skill for writers and speakers. This book takes readers through a series of lessons in short chapters written in a conversational tone. The fact that this book does not read like a textbook is what makes it such an excellent choice for the high school or college student, or for anyone wanting to hone their argument skills.

Not only does Thank You for Arguing include a lot of humor, but the writing also serves as examples of the very skills being taught. Plus, there are tons of examples, anecdotes, and practical applications that bring real life application to the reader. In addition to teaching the skills of persuasive writing and speaking, I like how the book also teaches the art of discernment when you are the listener or reader. The author covers every technique clearly and keeps readers engaged with humor and pop-culture references, making this book a fun resource for the language arts classroom.

The publisher provided a review copy of Thank You for Arguing.



Teaching ideas for rhetoric and persuasive speech and writing for high school

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