Nature Journal: Camping Joys


Camping and Nature Study

Whenever we go camping, my boys are so curious and observant of all the creatures and interesting plants we are surrounded with.They love the creek and are all brave enough to touch millipedes, crawfish, and other critters.

This beautiful moth hung out on our car window while we were breaking camp one weekend and packing up to leave. We pulled out the field guide when we arrived home, and the boys identified it as a Tuliptree silkmoth.

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Camping provides such great opportunities for nature study.

Just being outdoors and tuning in to the surroundings reveals many surprises. We had a curious raccoon visit us while we were sitting around the campfire one time–well, he visited our trash bag and discovered the leftover spaghetti! It was kind of spooky to see his eyes glowing in the dark, but the kids thought he was pretty cute and funny.

We discover many things along the hiking trail that we don’t get to see at home, like salamanders, wildflowers, mushrooms, and damselflies. Packing a few sketch pads and color pencils is always a good idea. We don’t usually bring our full nature journals with us, but when we get home, the pages from the sketch pads are inserted into them.

What kinds of things do you find when you go camping? 

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Comments (2)

  1. Deb

    Racoons-eek! That would freak me out!

    1. Anne Campbell (Post author)

      Yes, a little spooky, but fun!


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