My Teenage Zombie

My Teenage Zombie: Resurrecting the Undead Adolescent in Your Home

Resurrecting the Undead Adolescent in Your Home

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My Teenage Zombie: Resurrecting the Undead Adolescent in Your Home by David L. Henderson, MD is a survival guide for parents who are trying to survive the worst of their kids’ teen years–a teenage zombie attack!

What a spot-on, analogy for troubled teens! If you are a parent or teacher to a teen or pre-teen, then you can totally relate to dealing with the roller coaster emotional apocalypse that has taken over. But, what happens when you have lost a connection with your child, and his or her life is spiraling out of control?

In My Teenage Zombie, the author shares his expertise and experience as a board-certified psychiatrist who has worked with patients and families in crisis.

My Teenage Zombie tackles issues like:

  • How to understand what your teen is going through
  • How to conquer your own anxiety in order to more effectively mentor your teen
  • How to help your teen return to (or begin) to live a healthy life

Anyone with experience with teens knows that their decision-making is often hampered by many factors. This book looks at the areas of a teen’s life that all need to be in sync for mental, emotional, and physical health: brain, heart, and spirit. Dr. Henderson has seen some of the worst cases of this imbalance, and he outlines steps for both avoiding problems and for dealing with the ones already happening.

A Plan of Attack

The book begins by laying a foundation so that parents and teachers will have a better understanding of the root causes of the ‘zombie’ takeover. Issues like social media, lack of drive, entitlement, sexual identity, drugs and alcohol, pornography, and other forms of self-harm.

Oftentimes, parental anxiety is the issue that needs to be addressed before the teen’s issues can be dealt with:

“When we feel caught off guard by these challenges to our authority and wisdom, it is easy for us to kick into a fight-or-flight mode of reacting. Everything we knew and understood to be right for ourselves and our kids is being attacked” (p. 82).

Before we can truly help the situation our teens may be facing, we must understand the roots of our teens’ behaviors as well as our own. Then, we can move on to overcoming the zombie invasion and restore our relationships and resurrect our teenage zombies. In this phase, parents learn how to help their teens find their motivation, direction, and determination to move toward healthy adulthood.

A Strategy for Resurrecting Teenage Zombies

My Teenage Zombie contains action points and strategy questions in each chapter. The overriding message of the book is that there is hope, that restoration is possible, and that perfection is neither expected nor possible.

As a former public school teacher who worked with hundreds of troubled teens, I wish this book had been around at that time, because it has given me valuable insight. I highly recommend My Teenage Zombie to anyone who works with teens, is the parent of teens, and to teens themselves to gain an understanding of these years and to survive the teenage zombie invasion.

The publisher provided a review copy of My Teenage Zombie.


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