Multicultural Children’s Book Day 2015

multicultural book day

Multicultural Children's Book Day

Multicultural Children’s Book Day

Learning Table is excited to be part of the 2nd Annual Multicultural Children’s Book Day. Read on for information about the purpose of this event and it’s creators and sponsors as well as how you can participate.

Our mission is to not only raise awareness for the kid’s books that celebrate diversity, but to get more of these of books into classrooms and libraries.

Mission: Despite census data that shows 37% of the US population consists of people of color, only 10% of children’s books published have diversity content. Using the Multicultural Children’s Book Day, Mia and Valarie are on a mission to change all of that. Their mission is to not only raise awareness for the kid’s books that celebrate diversity, but to get more of these types of books into classrooms and libraries. Another goal of this exciting event is create a compilation of books and favorite reads that will provide not only a new reading list for the winter, but also a way to expose brilliant books to families, teachers, and libraries.

The MCCBD team hopes to spread the word and raise awareness about the importance of diversity in children’s literature. Our young readers need to see themselves within the pages of a book and experience other cultures, languages, traditions and religions within the pages of a book. We encourage readers, parents, teachers, caregivers and librarians to follow along the fun book reviews, author visits, event details, a multicultural children’s book linky and via our hashtag (#ReadYourWorld) on Twitter and other social media.


The co-creators of this unique event are Mia Wenjen from Pragmatic Mom and Valarie Budayr from Jump Into a Book/Audrey Press.

multicultural children's book day

We have NINE amazing Co-Hosts:


MCCBD’s  2015 Sponsors include Platinum Sponsors: Wisdom Tales Press, Daybreak Press Global Bookshop, Gold SponsorsSatya House, MulticulturalKids.comAuthor Stephen Hodges and the Magic Poof, Silver Sponsors: Junior Library GuildCapstone Publishing, Lee and Low BooksThe Omnibus Publishing. Bronze Sponsors: Double Dutch DollsBliss Group Books, Snuggle with Picture Books Publishing, Rainbow Books, Author FeliciaCapersChronicle BooksMuslim Writers Publishing, East West Discovery Press.

First Book

We’re also partnering with First Book to offer a Virtual Book Drive that will help donate multicultural children’s books through their channels during the week of the event. We want to help get diversity books into the hands of kids who most need it and now we have a way to do it! The Virtual Book Drive is LIVE and can be found HERE.

Children’s Book Council

MCCBD is collaborating with Children’s Book Council to highlight wonderful diversity books and authors on an ongoing basis all year.


We are hosting a Twitter party! Join us for Multicultural Children’s Book Day Twitter Party on Jan 27th 9:00pm EST. Use hashtag: #ReadYourWorld to win 10 book packages.

Multicultural Children's Book Day

The Pandas and Their Chopsticks

As part of Multicultural Children’s Book Day, Learning Table received a review copy of The Pandas and Their Chopsticks: and Other Animal Stories, which we donated to a local classroom library so more kids can enjoy this multicultural book, and so we can share the Multicultural Children’s Book Day message.

This picture book by Demi features animal stories adapted from traditional Asian folktales.

Each folktale in this fun book is one to three pages in length, so you can easily read this book aloud to your kids in one sitting, or spread the stories out over a week-long unit study about Asian culture. Award-winning artist Demi’s colorful illustrations fill each page with lots of details for kids to see.

Multicultural Children's Book Day


Each tale has a moral that provides important lessons about virtues like sharing, generosity, and humility. Pandas with three-foot long chopsticks must figure out how to eat, two mice learn a valuable lesson from a praying cat, and an elephant encounters a very helpful hummingbird in a few of these tales. All of the tales complement each other nicely, reinforcing the themes throughout the book.

Something to Do

Click here to download a free coloring page from “The Fox Who Was King of the Forest” from The Pandas and Their Chopsticks.

To practice eating with chopsticks like the pandas in the story, try making Easy Pot Stickers and eat them with fried rice, using your chopsticks, of course. Click here for our Easy Pot Stickers Recipe!

Children's Multicultural Book Day


Have a chopsticks race! Fill two small bowls with cotton balls. Each player needs a bowl filled with marshmallows and an empty bowl. Make sure all players have equal amounts of marshmallows. Place bowls a foot apart in front of each player. Each player must pick up one marshmallow at a time using chopsticks, and transfer the marshmallows to the empty bowl. The first one to transfer all the marshmallows wins.

Write your own folktale. The folktales in The Pandas and their Chopsticks feature animals acting with human characteristics in a realistic setting. What type of world will your story take place, real or imaginary? Use details to describe the setting with details that appeal to the five senses. Pace your story well to keep readers interested, and don’t rush it. Read your story aloud to hear how it sounds, and use rhyme and expression to keep your reader engaged. Don’t forget to include a moral to your story at the end!

Children's Multicultural Book Day

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  1. PragmaticMom

    I love your extension activities especially Writing Your Own Folk Tale. What a great idea! Thank you so much for joining us for Multicultural Children’s Book Day!

    1. Anne Campbell (Post author)

      Thanks so much, PragmaticMom!

  2. Valarie Budayr

    Happy Multicultural Children’s Book Day. Thank you for a wonderful review with so many great activities !! Hope you’re well !!

    1. Anne Campbell (Post author)

      Thank you, Valarie. We had fun participating in Multicultural Book Day!


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