Love Heals

The Many Ways Love Heals Us

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Love Heals is a unique book of transforming principles for life from Becca Stevens of Thistle Farms. The book has a gorgeous format, with color photographs, inspiring quotes and illustrations, and short, meaningful chapters.

Through her work with survivors of exploitation and human trafficking, Becca Stevens founded Thistle Farms as a place to rebuild their lives and find meaning. This book is a tribute to her work with Thistle Farms, as well as a personal story of her own journey to healing.

Love Heals includes poetry, reflections, personal stories, lists, verses, and action points. It is one of those resources that you want to pick up and flip through whenever you need a boost, an understanding ear, or just a quiet moment of reflection.

The thematic chapters include different ways to find healing and self-care, and the author emphasizes the importance of finding peace through healing for eternal happiness:

“Healing can take time and effort, and it is a central part of our entire lives. Our journeys begin and end with God, so this life is a discovery of how love heals us along the way” (p. 4).

Everyone has hurts and needs to practice self-care. Love Heals has a universal theme that anyone can relate to. But, for those who have experienced trauma or are dealing with emotional wounds or PTSD, this book is especially relevant. As a trauma survivor myself, I am finding Love Heals to have a special place on my nightstand. But, this book is about more than healing. It is also for those who are exploring and seeking guidance and spiritual growth.

Love heals:

  • by the mercy of God.
  • with compassion.
  • during the act of forgiving.
  • past our fears.
  • across the world.

In these honest and open stories, readers are led to dig deeper into their own understanding.

The publisher provided a review copy of Love Heals.

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