The Lifegiving Home

Creating a Lifegiving Home

Sally and Sarah Clarkson’s The Lifegiving Home: Creating a Place of Belonging and Becoming is an inspiring guide to creating a special home atmosphere that is a haven for family.

I’m a longtime fan of Sally’s, ever since I discovered her books as a new homeschooler. Her “wholehearted” style of homeschooling appealed to me right from the start. Now, she and her daughter Sarah share how this “wholehearted” style translates into creating a loving and peaceful atmosphere in the home. This “lifegiving” atmosphere makes the home a safe haven for family, a place to be encouraged, nourished, and nurtured.

The premise of The Lifegiving Home really speaks to me as a stay-at-home homeschooling mom, but even moms who work outside the home, or single parents can glean so much from the advice and ideas Sally and Sarah share. The bottom line is that no matter where home is, it should be a place that provides more than just shelter–it should be a place where children and families blossom, and where a firm foundation is built to help face the outside world with confidence and calm.

I especially like the format of The Lifegiving Home. The heart of the book is the second section: ‘Seasons of Home,’ which is organized month-by-month into seasonally themed chapters. With a focus on family rituals and celebrations, this book is brimming with inspiration and ideas for practical things that anyone can implement, and also with anecdotes and examples from the Clarkson’s home.

The Lifegiving Home

In our business of life, we plan all kinds of things for shopping, work, blogging, and other “worldly” obligations. How often do we plan our homes with purpose? My takeaway from The Lifegiving Home is that we need to give the atmosphere of our homes the same care and time that we devote to everything else–not just tangible things like room arrangements and decor, but the rhythms and rituals that make the home environment one that flourishes. Sally beautifully compares the home to a garden and says that like a garden, the home must be planned: “With a garden, the more ground that is planted, the more yield to the crop. Similarly, the greater care we take with planning our days and years, the more productive we will be. Great works of life art don’t just happen. They must be imagined, planned, and worked on before they become a reality” (p. 44).

The publisher provided a review copy of The Lifegiving Home.

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Comments (9)

  1. C. Lee Reed

    What a great idea for a book. I’ll have to check this one out. I like that the author chose to break the ideas into seasons. Sometimes you feel like “spring cleaning” and yet when winter comes, there are different things that need done around the house. Interesting read.

  2. Scarlet

    Sound like it is all about remembering to make family a priority and making the most of time together. Amen!

  3. Nicky

    Home is where your family can be themselves and be nurtured. This sounds like an inspirational book. The rituals and celebrations arranged by month/season are something I would look forward to reading.

  4. Crystal

    This sounds like a great book with food for thought. I’ll see if I can find a copy over here.

  5. Michelle @SimplifyLiveLove

    Sounds like a great book, Anne. I was inspired to homeschool after reading a book that also talked a lot about nurturing the home. I have a long ways to go still…

  6. L. E. Mastilock

    I long for that peaceful atmosphere. We’re in a tiny home with no garage and the clutter, homeschool projects, etc build up so quickly. I hope someday I can have a home I love and feels more like a haven to me.

  7. Andrea

    I don’t homeschool, but I am a single and working mom, and nurturing my children is one of the most important things I strive for on a daily basis. I am headed now to check out this book 🙂

  8. Sharisse

    This sounds like an inspiring book worth reading! I love the idea of a “lifegiving” home, and I’m doing all that I can to create that for my family.

  9. Jennifer

    This sounds encouraging. I’m a fan of the author, too.


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