Cooking With Kids: Raddish

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Cooking With Raddish

My son loves to help out in the kitchen. I’ve been looking for a way to combine his love for cooking with “school” so that we can expand on his meal preparation abilities and learn real techniques and the science behind them. So, we were thrilled when we received our first Raddish box. I’ve been looking everywhere for ways to nurture my son’s excitement for cooking and decided to give a subscription box a try. Keep reading to see what we think about Raddish monthly cooking kits.

#kids #cooking

Raddish is a monthly kit that you can order just one time, or as a continuing subscription. A cool Raddish apron is included in the first kit if you subscribe for at least three months, which is what we did to start with. Our kit is packed with fun activities, and it is easy to incorporate them into our homeschool curriculum.

Not only is my son learning new kitchen skills, but he is also conducting experiments, learning science, and tasting foods he wouldn’t have touched before.

By touching the foods and preparing them from scratch, he is motivated to give them a try. This is my kid who wants everything plain and has a short list of foods he will normally eat (plain pasta, plain rice, plain chicken, plain hamburgers . . . you get the idea).

After making a few dishes from our Raddish kit, he has eaten kale salad with dressing, and he’s had mac and cheese with “the stuff” on it.

#kids #cooking

Kitchen Science

We received the Kitchen Science kit, and it includes a shopping list card with all the ingredients for each recipe and experiment listed. Raddish also sent us an email in advance with a shopping list so we could be ready to cook when the kit arrived.

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Our Raddish kit contains three laminated fold-out recipe guides. My son has made kale salad with homemade vinaigrette dressing, mac and cheese “cupcakes,” and chocolate volcano cakes.

Each of these recipe cards included a key to the culinary skills used, such as palate development, measuring skills, agriculture, science, nutrition, math, culinary term development, creativity, and cooking techniques.

The recipe cards also include experiments, like the taste bud activity and  friction experiment on the kale salad card. And, there are kitchen tips like cooking the perfect pasta, making lump-free sauce, and how to properly melt cheese.

These large laminated cards are durable and kid-friendly, with pictures illustrating every ingredient, tool, and preparation step.

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After checking the recipe card for supplies, my son gets his apron out and loads up the pockets with his essentials, measuring spoons, spatula, whisk, etc.

Each kit comes with a patch to iron on the apron. Ours came with a whisk patch, which my son has earned from mastering whisking skills.

There is a skill card, which teaches proper whisking techniques, and the whisk itself is included in the kit as well. My son is proud to be starting his own collection of kitchen tools, and the patch is a huge motivator. He can’t wait to add more patches to his apron as he learns each month.

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The activity cards in our Kitchen Science kit feature three kitchen chemistry experiments and a “Science of Popcorn” activity. The Raddish website also has extra enrichment activities and free printables to accompany each kit and extend the learning and fun.

#kids #cooking
The best parts of our Raddish experience:

  • My son is eager to help out in the kitchen and help prepare family meals.
  • We are all trying new foods: even the big brothers ate kale salad!
  • We’re spending time together and enjoying a slower pace at meal-prep time.
  • My son is learning more than just cooking skills, but also cooperation, patience, attention to detail, following instructions, and healthy eating habits.
  • The recipes are delicious. (Did I mention CHOCOLATE VOLCANO CAKE?)

#kids #cooking

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  1. Linda

    Anne, this is the first I’ve heard of Raddish – thank you for sharing with us!
    Kuddos to your chef – his salad creation looks delicious!
    I’m featuring your post on the Hearts for Home Blog Hop this week 🙂


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