The Importance of Imaginative Play


Imaginative Play has Invaluable Benefits

Many parents say that their child would rather play with a cardboard box than with the toy that comes inside. As the mom to some cardboard-loving boys, I can confirm that this is true. But what is it that these parents have tapped into? 

Imagination . . .

Imaginative Play

Imaginative play is important in the development of a child, and in this era of too much screen time, it is especially important to encourage children to use their imagination. Do you need any special supplies? Not really. Do you need a plan? Nope. Do you need to direct? Not so much.

Imaginative Play

When kids are set free to explore, create, pretend, experiment, and play, they thrive. They develop problem-solving abilities, improve critical thinking skills, increase kinesthetic awareness, and even enhance language arts learning. Plus, I have witnessed how imaginative play helps my children become confident with their own ideas.

Imaginative Play

With a cardboard box and his trusty sidekick, a child travels back in time, chases bad guys, blasts off into space, and arrives back safely, just in time for a snack.

Imaginative Play

Here’s hoping your days are full of imagination and wonder!

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  2. Lori Hill-Smith

    This is so true! My grandson would rather play with things from the junk drawer than things from the toy closet.


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