DIY Homemade Fall Bird Feeder Craft

DIY Bird Feeder

Taking advantage of our warm, sunny weather, we headed outside to make a feast for the birds.

bird feeder craft

This easy nature craft is a great way to recycle small pumpkins and gourds this fall.

We used one of the small pumpkins my kids brought home from the pumpkin patch. I cut off the top, and my son scooped out the seeds. My son enjoyed doing this craft for our birdie friends ‘all by himself.’ I helped him with the cutting, but he meticulously did all the scooping!

diy homemade fall bird feeder craft

Then we cut some holes in the side with an apple corer and strung some twine through to make a hanger. My son added some seeds and a sprig of millet. It looks so pretty and festively fall hanging from our tree.

We’ll be watching to see who discovers their feast. My six-year-old had fun making this special nature gift for our backyard!

Do you have any ideas for recycled bird feeders? Share them with us!

DIY Homemade fall bird feeder craft for kids

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Comments (4)

  1. Kierna C

    thanks for linking up this week – I love your little pumpkins, they are so cute.

  2. abbie

    This is so cute and clever! I love it. My girls would love to see their pumpkins used like this. We will have to remember this for next year.

  3. Karen Greenberg

    This is so cute. I hope to find some pumpkins this weekend and give this a try!

  4. Dalynn McCoy

    Cute idea! We do scouts and having done the SAME activities for 10 years now, are always looking for new twists on things. This is perfect, thank you! Looking forward to more from you this week via the #InspiredBN. Be blessed!


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