Hidden in My Heart: Scripture Memory Bible

Learning the Bible Through Scripture Memory

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Scripture memory is an important part of a child’s education. One of the wonderful things about homeschooling is that we can include Bible study in our curriculum, using resources like Hidden in My Heart Scripture Memory Bible NLT. Spending time with my kids with a beautiful resource like this is a joy. The many helpful features of this Bible make it an easy-to-use teaching resource. The downloadable songs that come with Hidden in My Heart are an extra special bonus, because music makes memorizing so much easier for my kids.

The checklist-format “Thematic Memory Verse Plans” make excellent lesson plans. I find it simple to add these into my daily teaching planner as we work through the verses. This Bible is a great size–lightweight and thin–for on-the-go lessons. My only complaint about the format is that the font is small and printed tightly with little space between the characters. This makes it a bit of a struggle for me to read, but my kids have no trouble with it.

Features of Hidden in my Heart Scripture Memory Bible

  • One hundred core verses are highlighted for memory, and they are presented in three translations: NLT, NIV, and KJV.
  • Each book is introduced with a who, what, when… section that gives readers a good background to put the book into context.
  • Thematic Memory Verse Plans: This is a valuable tool for applying the memory work as it groups the verses into categories, such as “We Should Be Grateful,” “We Should Be Patient,” and “We Should Experience Peace.” This section also includes page numbers and boxes to use as a checklist.
  • Core 100 Verse Checklist to keep track of memorization progress
  • Challenge Verse Checklist for extra memory work
  • Core 100 Digging Deeper provides a guide for more study of the core verses.
  • Explore & Apply sections helps apply the Bible to our lives, and also include short prayers.
  • Includes a code to download Scripture memory songs in all three translations. Music is a wonderful tool for memory work!

The publisher provided a review copy of Hidden in My Heart.

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