Helping Kids Understand Down Syndrome

Written by Silke Schnee and illustrated by Heike Sistig, The Prince Who Was Just Himself is the perfect story to share with children to help them better understand how our differences should be celebrated. The king and queen’s third child, Prince Noah, is born with Down syndrome, and the kingdom is not very accepting at first:

‘What an unusual prince.’ Some began to laugh, while others were downright mean and shouted, ‘He is not one of us!’

But, as the story progresses, Noah’s differences actually teach everyone around him to appreciate him for who he is and see his value to the kingdom.

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Author Silke Schnee is the parent of a child with special needs herself, so her personal experiences add much value to The Prince Who Was Just Himself. Her son, also named Noah, inspired her to share with others how “‘children are a wonder, and we must see them with the eyes of our heart–each child just the way he or she is.'”

The Prince Who Was Just Himself from Plough Publishing

As my kids will attest, anytime I want to teach them something, I grab a book. I especially love using picture books as a medium for introducing concepts or expanding on an experience. That’s why The Prince Who Was Just Himself is such a special favorite. This book presents the character of Noah as a valuable, heroic, contributing member of his family and of the entire kingdom. His compassion and unique way of navigating the world serve as an example of how everyone should be, as well as showing kids that our differences make the world a better place.

(Plough publishing provided a review copy of The Prince Who Was Just Himself.)

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