Hands-on: The Scarlet Letter

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Our Real Teens Read group just wrapped up The Scarlet Letter. It was a tough one, but I think they all managed to get through it and learn something in the process. Click here to learn more about a helpful study guide for this book.

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After reading the book, we watched the movie version of it, and we did some hands-on projects to accompany our discussion. I had the teens each draw a card with two topics on it for them to research and bring to the discussion meeting. That gave them all something to contribute to our discussion:

  • Women’s roles in Puritan times
  • Men’s roles in Puritan times
  • Family life
  • Rules for children
  • Homes
  • Games/toys
  • Education
  • Punishments

The teens were surprised to find out that wearing the scarlet letter was a real-life punishment and that Hawthorne didn’t make it up. We also talked about what types of scarlet letters we have in our society today.

Because you’re never too old to play, the teens made whirlygigs using large buttons and scarlet thread and after mocking how little fun kids must have had in early America, they all played with their whirlygigs and decided they were “pretty cool.”

Real Teens Read @mylearningtable.com

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