Hands-on Science: Electronics for Homeschoolers

Hands-on Science @mylearningtable.com

My son completed classes with Mr. Phillips at Quick Study Labs about a year ago after taking Edison Project, Electronics, Green Technology, and Soldering classes for several years.

These hands-on electronics classes for homeschoolers are taught on-line and combine math, science, and technology. I am not an affiliate for Quick Study Labs, but I do recommend these classes and have seen first-hand how much they benefited my son. He recently spent an afternoon building a distortion pedal for his guitar using soldering techniques he learned from QSL classes.

Hands-on Science @mylearningtable.com

Classes are offered for kids as young as eight all the way through high school. I encourage you to read the article on the Quick Study Labs site about The Edison Trait. Many kids are misunderstood and have trouble with school because of their unique personalities. The QSL classes are specifically designed with Edison Trait kids in mind. Mr. Phillips even offers a free class on the QSL website.

I am amazed at how my non-math-loving son was learning formulas and doing algebra equations while building circuits and conducting experiments. The combination of a self-paced schedule, hands-on projects, and Mr. Phillips’ clear teaching style make these classes something my son looked forward to each day.

Hands-on Science @mylearningtable.com


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