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Reading Shakespeare with Kids

It’s Shakespeare month for our Real Teens Read literature group. We’ve been reading Hamlet and learning more about Shakespeare’s use of language. Many of our teen members have younger siblings who are listening in and learning about Hamlet along with the “big kids.”

Some ways to share Hamlet with younger kids:

Read a condensed version of the play just for younger readers. This will expose them to the storyline and characters without overwhelming them with the language and some of the graphic elements of the action. Some versions we like are Shakespeare Stories by Leon Garfield, Hamlet (No Fear Shakespeare Graphic Novels), and Hamlet For Kids (Shakespeare Can Be Fun!). Even if you read aloud the play in the original language, young kids will absorb more than you think.

Watch the play. If possible, attend a live performance with your kids. Many theater companies offer discounted education performances, and some Shakespeare companies even offer free public performances. Check with your city’s arts council, local theaters, and local college fine arts departments. Seeing the play acted out (as it is intended to be enjoyed) helps not only kids, but teens and adults as well, understand what is going on as they become immersed in the story. If you cannot find a live performance in your area, your library probably had a movie version you can borrow.

Memorize lines. Younger kids especially have fun with memorization, and it seems to come easier the younger they are. How to Teach Your Children Shakespeare is a step-by-step guide to teaching children specific lines from Shakespeare’s plays, including a big section on Hamlet.

Act it out. Pull out some dress up clothes, and stage a scene from the play, giving everyone a part. If kids haven’t memorized lines, print out a few sheets of the “script,” and set kids free to be creative. My boys love the sword fighting scenes the best, and light sabers often stand in for props.

Do hands-on crafts related to the play and the time period of Shakespeare. We have done several projects from Shakespeare for Kids: His Life and Times, 21 Activities (For Kids series).

Tie the Shakespeare theme in with your other curriculum. Learn about the Elizabethan period in history, play with Shakespeare’s vocabulary in language arts, and do some copywork and narration activities related to the play. See below for a free copywork printable!

When the whole family learns together, it saves time for the homeschool teacher, and kids will benefit from shared learning.

Here’s Your Free Printable!

Hamlet Copywork mylearningtable.com

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Comments (9)

  1. Kristen

    Love this idea! I am a big Shakespeare fan! I have young children so I will check out those books you mention!

    1. Anne Campbell (Post author)

      Wonderful, Kristen! Thank for checking out our ideas!

  2. Nita

    Great idea. I have two children and they both love to read so will definitely check those books you mentioned.

    1. Anne Campbell (Post author)

      Thanks so much, Nita!

  3. Ellen Christian (@ellenblogs)

    I loved getting the kids interested in Shakespeare and other classics when they were younger. He’s such an amazing writer.

    1. Anne Campbell (Post author)

      It’s fun to share him with kids. My boys especially like going to see the plays live. We are fortunate to have a local Shakespeare company, so they’re getting a lot of exposure. I hope it will benefit them in college one day.

  4. Jill

    You have some smart cookies to be reading Shakespaeare at their age. That’s awesome. I was never a fan in my youth but my husband and I went to Stratford Upon Avon a few years ago and everthing suddenly klicked.

  5. Jill

    How fun! My first exposure to Shakespeare was in Freshman English and I never warmed to him. This is a great way to introduce it to younger children. Love the printable!

  6. Anil

    Dear Anne, Me from India. You have done an excellent work, relly grateful to you.


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