Fun Ways To Get Your Kids Excited For Math

Math fun

Schoolwork is not always fun for kids. In fact, it is probably the last thing that they want to be doing when they get home from a tough day at school, especially when it comes to math. Many young children struggle with math, and solving multiplication problems can be difficult; however, the sooner that kids learn that math can be fun, the quicker they’ll learn to like it!

Although it seems impossible at times, there are ways to help your kids get excited about math.

Incorporating things that your children enjoy and love to do is a great technique to get them to enjoy doing mathematical equations more. Even things like nature and candy can be used in math. Sometimes, you just have to think creatively!

Take your kids outside.

Let them count out rocks or leaves, and then help them understand that by adding up the leaves, they can make a math equation. If your child struggles with adding, it might help them to be able to visualize what they are doing. Taking them outside breaks up the monotony of working out equations on paper and sparks their thinking!

Let them talk it out.

Sometimes, children learn better when they can speak aloud about what they are doing. Sit with them as they work on a sheet of math equations. Instead of doing it silently, let them say the problems as they work on them. This also helps you know where they are struggling, and where they tend to go wrong. You can even help talk them through the equation itself.

Reward them

We all know that when there is a reward in store, children tend to work harder and are more persistent to get their work done. Before they begin math homework, let them know that at the end, they will get a small reward. If they know beforehand about the treat, there is a greater incentive to work hard and stay focused. Choose a treat your child does not get often to make it even more special!

Use ordinary items to make it fun.

Everyday items around your house can be used to make math fun! Having them bake a recipe with you, while counting out measurements and equally measure ingredients is a very hands-on way for your child to become more proficient at math. When they are doing something with you that does not seem like boring math problems, it is a sneaky way to help them love math.

Incorporate candy

All kids love candy—this is a given! When they hear that candy is going to be involved with their homework, they will be practically running to the kitchen table to start working. Using a candy jar and some small candies, help them by counting out the candy into the jar, or problems. This is another fun, hands-on way for them to learn to love math.

There are so many ways to get your children excited for math, and they can all be doing using things you have right at home. Using these tactics will increase their confidence and interest in a once boring subject!

Marcela De Vivo is a freelance writer for Candy Concepts Inc., as well as yoga enthusiast and mother of three. At times, it can be quite tough to get her kids to do their schoolwork, but by incorporating these fun ideas, they have a more enjoyable time solving problems. Follow her on Pinterest and Twitter today to find more ideas like these!

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