Exploring the Constellations

FREE CONSTELLATION ACTIVITY #science #astronomy mylearningtable.com

Learning About the Constellations

This week with the Little Passports Blog-Camp Explorer Week 3, you can watch your kids reach for the stars! Literally. Download their free constellations activity sheet and watch your child learn the names and shapes of six constellations!

Kids will enjoy connecting the dots on each constellation and learning their shapes and patterns. The night sky is so fascinating and beautiful!

FREE CONSTELLATION ACTIVITY #science #astronomy mylearningtable.com


Click here to download your printable Constellation Dot2Dot!

My kids are studying astronomy as part of our homeschool science curriculum, so this hands on activity about the constellations is a lot of fun for them. I’ve been scouring Pinterest for hands-on astronomy activities to jazz up what we’re learning in our books. Take a peek at my Astronomy board on Pinterest if you’d like some more ideas!

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  1. Jill

    This looks like a lot of fun! I remember going through an astronomy phase in middle school. It still kinda fascinates me!


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