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Anne at Learning TableLinda at Apron Strings & Other Things

Amy at A Nest in the Rocks


Meet Our Co-Hosts!


Anne at Learning Table HomeschoolAnne Campbell, a former classroom teacher, is a VIPKID teacher, writer, editor, and homeschool consultant. A homeschooler for 15 years, Anne enjoys customizing learning experiences to meet the needs of her 3 boys as they embrace the lightbulb moments of discovery every day. In addition to teaching English online to kids in China, she teaches other homeschool children through literature study, research paper writing, and living history experiences. Visit Anne’s blog for help navigating everything homeschool, from early learning to college admission, at www.MyLearningTable.com. Follow Learning Table’s adventures on Facebook and Instagram.


Linda Sears is a stay-at-home wife, homeschooling mom and doting grandmother. They have been homeschooling for more than 25 years, graduating 4 of their 8 children, with 4 more to go. You’ll find her at Apron Strings & other things where she shares tidbits, tales, tricks and tips from her days of raising children in various stages of cutting those apron strings. You can also find her on FaceBook, Pinterest, and Google+.



Amy at A Nest in the RocksAmy Bradsher, resident scribe at A Nest in the Rocks, is married to a wonderful man who smiles away at her wacky ideas and classroom messes. Enjoyed by her Big Helper and her Little Man, who love to get down and dirty during school time and playtime, they can usually be found building away, while Amy frantically photographs and writes about each experience. You can find their Nest and read about their family adventures at A Nest in the Rocks.


Angela Twombly is “The Inquisitive Farmwife!” She loves working beside her husband on their farm. She grew up a farmer’s daughter, but only when she became a wife did she learn to drive a tractor, run an impact gun, shag tanks, or wash a combine! They are field farmers, but her “hobby homestead” of a back yard is continually growing! She loves animals, and working with the land makes her feel close to her father God Almighty! So many beautiful memories flood her mind in her garden or kitchen; it’s also a perfect place to make new ones! She loves learning a new skill, and then share her knowledge with others! She has a large garden and has recently added a greenhouse! She cans, bakes, quilts, and crafts. Life is a journey, and she’d love if you join her on hers!


Kirsten West is a homeschooling mom with twin teenagers. They have homeschooled since they were young and now that she has more time, she blogs at DoodleMom ~ living a relaxed homeschool life (www.ByeByeBrickAndMortar.com), writes math books and children’s stories, crochets a lot in the evenings, writes for the TOS Homeschool Review Crew and the Homeschooling with Heart Blog, and works as an independent consultant for The Old Schoolhouse & SchoolhouseTeachers.com. (Anything to avoid doing the dishes!)



Kim Brush blogs at Day to Day Adventures. She is a mom of 4, wife, lover of Jesus and sunshine. She loves blogging about children, gardens, reading and keeping memories. You will find lessons from day to day life as she shares about food, crafts, kids, and family.




Jennifer Allen is a Christian homeschooling mama of 7 sweet blessings who blogs at The Faithful Homestead. She also has two step children who have already blessed her with some sweet grandchildren. Come along on their journey as they become a more self-sufficient family. She grew up on a farm, canning and raising a garden but she is trying to expand on the types and amount of produce that they can grow and preserve. Her family raises various types of livestock on their family farm. All the while using sustainable practices.



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