The Electrifying Nervous System

The Electrifying Nervous System

The Electrifying Nervous System by Dr. Lainna Callentine is the first in a nine-book elementary anatomy series called God’s Wondrous Machine from Master Books. I’m reviewing this resource as part of the Moms of Master Books team. New Leaf Publishing sent me a review copy in exchange for my unbiased opinions.

Elementary Science


Recommended for grades three through six, this book is easily adaptable for multiple uses, both in and outside a homeschool setting. As a science text, this book makes a complete homeschool science unit, easily filling a 12-week session. Homeschool parents teaching multiple ages can modify The Electrifying Nervous System to use with several kids at once, and the book also addresses multiple learning styles, providing something for visual, hands-on, and other learners. If used in a traditional school setting, teachers have everything at their fingertips in one affordable book for creating a stimulating anatomy unit. And, students can use the book on their own as a resource for a report or project. We are using this book as part of our fourth grade science, but my eighth grader is usually not far away when we are doing a lesson, and he’s very interested in the contents.

This book is very comprehensive, going into great detail about the nervous system, with lots of examples, anecdotes, and extras. The graphics in The Electrifying Nervous System are amazing, with full color pages, photographs, graphs, and charts on every page. Even younger learners can explore the visuals in the book, while older learners will find that they enhance the text beautifully. I read aloud from the book with my son, as he sits beside me and studies the examples on the pages.

Other features of the book include:

  • Vocabulary for various skill levels
  • Historical Points/Timeline
  • Looking Inside the Brain
  • Nervous System Basics
  • Anatomy and Physiology
  • Brain Development
  • Backbone
  • Reflexes
  • Health Facts
  • Weird and Wacky Facts
  • A Bibliography and handy Index

The Electrifying Nervous System will soon have a Parent Lesson Planner from New Leaf Press to accompany it. We are using several of these in our homeschool this year, and I only wish they had been available years ago. These lesson planners are really some of the best teaching aids I have used in twelve years of homeschooling.

Dr. Callentine’s writing style is so clear and engaging, that The Electrifying Nervous System makes learning fun. I am looking forward to more to come in this series. The next two currently in development will be The Breathtaking Respiratory System and The Complex Circulatory System.

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