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History Revealed: What in the World?

This year, my younger two boys are both listening to Diana Waring’s History Revealed: What in the World? audio curriculum as part of our history studies. This 12-disc set of audio history lessons is a sweeping look at history from the beginning of the world through the world wars. In her enthusiastic and engaging style, Diana Waring takes listeners on a compelling journey through time.

I’ve been fortunate enough to meet Diana in person and attend her sessions at homeschool conferences, and she is just as engaging on these CDs as she is in real life. She has a way of pulling listeners in as she tells stories, so though you are learning a lot, you don’t realize you are getting a “lesson.” It’s just plain fun! We all get caught up in the stories as Diana describes the lives and times of people and the major events that shape history. Best of all, History Revealed is presented from a creationist perspective–so important to give kids a different perspective to consider and reinforce what the Bible teaches.

How We Use History Revealed: What in the World?

We are using this audio curriculum as a supplement to our primary history curriculum for elementary and middle school. My middle schooler usually reads his history text on his own, and then we discuss it later. My elementary student and I sit down together to do history using a variety of books. Though they each use a different curriculum, we try to stay on the same general topics so that we can do projects together and I can plan effective field trips and other activities.

History Revealed is a wonderful helper to me as I try to fit in all the things a busy homeschooling mom has to fit in every day. If we need reinforcement on a topic, we all listen to the CDs together as we eat lunch or in the car as we run errands. For times when I need to work one-on-one with my oldest child or simply need a few minutes for myself, I sit the younger two down with the boom box and have them listen to one or two sections (or more) on their own. The titles and times on the CDs are wonderful for planning, and I include these lessons on average twice per week. This is one of those resources that I can see us revisiting again and again over the years.

The publisher provided a review copy of History Revealed.



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Comments (3)


    Ooh! I will have to look into this! My girls love to hear stories of the past. I can totally see us using this as a supplement. One question though – do you know if the series is more liberal or conservative or pretty neutral in their telling of the stories? Thanks!

    1. Anne Campbell (Post author)

      Hi Janice! This curriculum would definitely fit into the conservative category. It is Bible based, and it presents the creationist view of history.

  2. Andrea

    Sounds fun and engaging! I love audiobooks while taking trips, but I think it would be fun to put on something educational, so my kiddos can get involved too. That is great that you were able to meet author!


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