Curriculum: Science Basics

CURRICULUM FAIR: SCIENCE #homeschool #science

Curriculum Fair is a place for me to share the curriculum we use. However, we modify and revamp as we go along. Our homeschooling journey is always changing!

For science, we have always followed Sonlight’s programs and added in a bunch of nature study.

Middle School Ages

Supply Kits = Time Savers

This year, my 8th grader is using Apologia’s Exploring Creation with General Science, text and companion multimedia CD, and Sonlight’s schedule and science supply kit. The great thing about Sonlight’s supply kits is that everything you need for experiments is included, except for basic household supplies. These have been a no-brainer for me over the years. If you can find a kit that correlates with your science, it makes not only doing the projects easier, but it also saves tons of time chasing down supplies. Overall, the cost is better, too, because many items would have to be purchased in a larger quantity than you need. We have been able to reuse many of the supplies with younger children, too.

CURRICULUM FAIR: SCIENCE #homeschool #science

The schedule lists what you will need each week and what you need to gather for the following week, as well as sectioning daily reading assignments. I can pretty much give my son the schedule sheet, and he can work independently from the book.

I help my son with experiments and studying for quizzes, but other than that, he is able to do most of it on his own. He’s keeping a lab notebook, which he journals in as he does experiments and the “On your own” sections in the book.

CURRICULUM FAIR: SCIENCE #homeschool #science

Here’s a great article from Dr. Wile about why it is important to do the experiments. Since we are gearing our curriculum towards college prep, we are definitely incorporating the lab portion of science.

Elementary Ages

My younger two boys are both using Sonlight’s Electricity, Magnetism, and Astronomy program, which features several books and a DVD showing how to do the experiments. They especially loved reading Diary of an Early American Boy by Eric Sloane and getting a microscope this year to use with the Usborne Microscope book.

CURRICULUM FAIR: SCIENCE #homeschool #science
My First Lab Microscope

These programs make up the base of our science studies, but we add in many extras and try to incorporate science concepts into our everyday learning experiences.

What are you using for science? I’d love to hear what has worked/hasn’t worked for you!

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  1. Julie

    Thanks for mentioning the Usborne Microscope book. My son got a microscope for Christmas and I would love to look into getting that book. We love science!


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