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Curriculum Fair is a place for me to share the curriculum we use. However, we modify and revamp as we go along. Our homeschooling journey is always changing!

History with Living Books

We have been using Sonlight since we started homeschooling as the base for our curriculum, except for the year that we did the Prairie Primer unit study (it was fantastic!) This year, we are changing things up a bit for history, and I decided to add resources from Beautiful Feet for all of the boys to add on to our Sonlight studies.

#homeschool #history
If history were taught in the form of stories, it would never be forgotten.
-Rudyard Kipling

I’ve read the same read-alouds twice so far for my first two boys, and I wasn’t very enthusiastic about doing them a third time. I wanted to continue with Sonlight, but add in some alternative read-alouds for my sanity! With Beautiful Feet, almost all of the read-alouds are new to us, so I am enjoying the journey with it.

#homeschool #history
We are using the Early American History for 2nd and 5th grade, with some modifications for each. This program relies heavily on the D’Aulaire books.

#homeschool #history
The books are appealing and interesting, and my boys are keeping notebooks with pictures, dictations, facts, and vocabulary words. There are also four one-hour Your Story Hour CDs with stories about Columbus, Lincoln, the pilgrims, and more. My youngest especially likes to listen to these. This program appeals to many different learning styles and seems to be a good fit for my elementary boys. We are able to use our Sonlight Timeline book along with this course as well, so we are just building upon the foundation already established through our years with Sonlight.

My 8th grader is using the Early American and World History Jr. High pack, and he is also keeping a notebook with drawings, maps, vocabulary, dates, and facts. I love the approach that includes world history along with American history. I think it is important to learn how all of history ties together, and the literature approach is right up our alley.

#homeschool #history

This level relies heavily on the Genevieve Foster books. Even though my 8th grader is perfectly capable of working independently, we are enjoying reading the Foster books together at my younger son’s baseball practices. You know kids are never too old to be read to, don’t you?

Using Sonlight for so many years has given my boys a strong history knowledge base, and the “real book” approach of all the programs I have mentioned makes history so much more meaningful. I am enjoying learning right along with them.

What do you use for history in your homeschool? I’d love to hear what has/hasn’t worked for you!

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