Craft: Dipped Feather Ornaments

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DIY Chicken Feather Ornaments

Our chickens have been molting for several weeks, so we have our pick of pretty feathers. I saw some gorgeous dipped feather ornaments and realized we could make these easily ourselves using supplies we already have on hand.

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First, we gathered some larger feathers from the coop and then washed them gently in warm water and set them out to dry. Once dry, we used craft glue with a sponge applicator to glide a thin layer of glue on both sides of the feathers at the top, and down a couple of inches. We didn’t want the entire feather to be covered, so we stopped about halfway down.

Hold each feather over a clean sheet of paper, and sprinkle with fine glitter. Tap to shake off excess. Once all the feathers are glittered, fold a crease in one edge of the paper to form a channel, and pour the remaining glitter back into its container.

Set out to dry, and then use baker’s twine to wrap the end of the quill a few time, tying firmly and forming a loop for hanging.

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