Understanding Autism: Meet Chicken Boy!

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Helping Kids Understand Autism

Chicken Boy has super powers; he shows kids that there is no reason to be afraid of someone just because he or she is different from them.

Chicken Boy: The Amazing Adventures of a Super Hero with Autism is the story of a boy with a unique way of viewing the world.

Caped Crusader!

This book is a wonderful tool for teaching autism awareness to kids of all ages. My boys were immediately drawn to it when they saw the cover–after all, what boy can resist a cape? They knew right away that Chicken Boy was someone they wanted to meet.

The illustrations of Chicken Boy’s thoughts clearly depict his perceptions of his environment in a fun way, and my kids relate to his fears and understand that Chicken Boy has ways of coping. With several friends who are living with autism, my boys better understand their different ways of navigating the world  and thriving in it after reading Chicken Boy.

Kids with autism will feel like they have a champion in Chicken Boy, and he might help them realize that the things that make them special are the things that can give them strength and make them super heroes themselves.

Everyone is unique and deserves acceptance.

Chicken Boy: The Amazing Adventures of a Super Hero With Autism shows kids how simple it is to reach out and relate to others and celebrate diversity.

This book is a valuable resource for parents and educators. With the likelihood that kids will encounter other kids with autism or special needs either in school or in other settings, it is a necessary addition to any reading list. As a family member to a person with special needs, I really appreciate books like Chicken Boy and think we need more books like this celebrating the individual qualities that make all of us special

We all have an inner chicken, but if we let it loose, we can soar–BAHCAAAAAAH!

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