Candle Day by Day Bible & Candle Day by Day Walk with Jesus

Early Bible Learning: Day by Day

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Candle Day by Day Walk with Jesus: The Story of Jesus Retold in 40 Days and Candle Day by Day Bible are nice companions for young readers to discover more about the stories of the Bible. Both books are geared toward primary age children and feature colorful illustrations and short blocks of text.

Day by Day Walk with Jesus tells the story of Jesus in forty daily readings. Written in age-appropriate language, the stories are accompanied by illustrations that highlight the details while leaving out content that might be frightening for youngsters. This little book is sized just right for young kids. It is especially nice for the holidays–starting with the story of Jesus’ impending arrival and celebrating his life. Each daily reading includes a Bible verse and a short snippet of commentary. Though each story takes five minutes or less to read, there is plenty of room for discussion, questions, and answers, making a special parent and child Bible time each day.

Learning Day by Day

The Day by Day Bible has a built-in easel and is spiral bound in a flip book format. This 365-day Bible story book starts with the story of Creation and features the major notable events and people of the Bible. Some of the stories are only four or five lines long. Setting this up on a shelf or table each day, parents and kids can talk about each story throughout the day.

Both of these books are great resources for introducing Bible study to kids at an early age in a format they can understand and relate to. The beautiful presentation and sweet illustrations are inviting and engaging for early learners, and a joy for parents to share with them.

The publisher provided review copies of Candle Day by Day Bible & Walk with Jesus.

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