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Cooking With Kids: Berry Patch Shortcake

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On busy weeknights, it can be a challenge to come up with an easy dessert our whole family will love. Yogurt is a favorite snack at our house, so our junior chef came up with an idea for a berry themed dessert he calls Berry Patch Shortcake. We headed to Publix to pick up some of our favorite Annie’s Organic Whole Milk Yogurt flavors, and our young chef decided to get some fresh strawberries and blackberries for a simple and delicious take on shortcake.

Right now, the Publix Extra Savings Flyer  is featuring 2 for $5  Annie’s Whole Milk Yogurt. We made sure to find this deal before heading to the store to make a beeline to the yogurt aisle for Annie’s Organic Whole Milk Yogurt, which comes in two wholesome flavors at Publix.

Berry Patch Shortcake

Money Saving Dessert Ideas

I feel good knowing our family is eating organic, wholesome food–and especially knowing we can have a dessert that I don’t have to feel guilty about. When we grocery shop, I strive to choose food that makes all of us happier and healthier, like buying a snack our whole family will love. Annie’s Organic Whole Milk Yogurt is not only an easy on-the-go snack, but it also makes a yummy addition to the Berry Patch Shortcake recipe. In fact, we had enough leftover berries to pop in a storage bag to freeze for making smoothies later. (Just combine frozen berries, a cup of Annie’s Organic Whole Milk Yogurt, and ice cubes in the blender until slushy. Smoothies are the only things my older teen enjoys for breakfast.) It helps our grocery budget when ingredients have multiple uses.

Berry Patch Shortcake: Cooking with Kids

Berry Patch Shortcake (serves 6)


  • 1 cup of Annie’s Organic Whole Milk Yogurt in either Summer Strawberry or Berry Patch flavors
  • Fresh strawberries, sliced
  • Fresh blackberries
  • 1 pack angel food cake shells

Cooking with Kids:

  1. Wash strawberries and carefully remove stems using a spoon to scoop them out. Slice strawberries into thin pieces using a blunt-end table knife. (Parents please supervise young chefs!)
  2. Wash blackberries carefully–don’t crush them!
  3. On serving plates, arrange cake shells, then add a layer of strawberries.
  4. Drizzle a spoonful of yogurt over each strawberry pile.
  5. Now, add blackberries on top, and drizzle with more yogurt.
  6. Garnish plates with leftover berries, serve, and enjoy!

Even More Money Saving Ideas

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Comments (14)

  1. L.E. Mastilock

    I’ve never seen Annie’s Yogurt before. I’ll have to go look for it. Even yogurt alone makes for a good desert, but this look delicious!

  2. Anne Campbell (Post author)

    It is really delicious all on its own. I think we’ve found a new favorite, because even my teens are devouring it.

  3. Cheryl B

    I love the Summer Strawberry yogurt!

  4. Mita

    Organic Whole Milk Summer Strawberry Yogurt

  5. Andrea

    We LOVE Annie’s in my house! I have been wanting to try Annie’s yogurt for a couple months now. Your shortcake looks delish!

    1. Anne Campbell (Post author)

      Hope you like it, Andrea!

  6. Natalie

    I want to try the summer strawberry yogurt!

  7. Ali Gilbert

    I didn’t know Annie’s had yogurt! So excited 🙂

  8. Salma

    This is such a simple recipe and it looks delicious. I’m going to pin it and try it out with the kids!

    1. Anne Campbell (Post author)

      My son had fun making this–I hope your kids enjoy it!

  9. Emmy

    Love things that kids can help make.

    1. Anne Campbell (Post author)

      My son has so much fun in the kitchen and is gaining a lot of confidence to create new things for us to eat.

  10. Michelle Marine

    I didn’t know Annie’s had yogurt! I’ll be on the lookout. 🙂

    1. Anne Campbell (Post author)

      It is SO good!


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