365 Devotions for Young Women

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Adored: 365 Devotions for Young Women by Lindsay A. Franklin is a pretty and inviting book of encouragement and affirmation for young women. The color scheme, design, and size of Adored are appealing right from the start. But, the content of this book is truly wonderful. Adored belongs in the hands of every young woman in your life!

Topics that teen girls deal with everyday are addressed in the daily devotions, from bullying, friendship,  and dating, to social pressures, attitude, and future plans. Each devotion features a short scripture verse and a corresponding reflection relating the biblical truths to daily life struggles and experiences. The overriding message is the limitless love of God for each of us. Each daily devotion is highlighted with blue floral trim on each page and journaling lines at the end.

Timely messages

The messages of Adored are so timely and geared especially to the things on young women’s minds. With a conversational style, each devotion is less than a page long and only takes minutes to read. However, the thoughts stay with you a lot longer:

“Jesus’s followers will be known by their unity and love. While doctrinal purity is important, we can encourage the church toward holiness by seeking unity and peace and avoiding ecessive infighting and needless controversy with our fellow brothers and sisters” (p. 126).

Some of the themes run through more than one reading, so many topics are explored from different angles. For example, the theme of God’s loving correction is followed by a couple of readings on idolatry, which lead to devotions centered around jealousy, envy, and discontent. This continuation of themes really adds substance to Adored and ties the readings together for a more meaningful reading experience. Though each can be read as a stand-alone lesson, the way the author flows from one to the next and connects them makes this book really special.


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