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The Essentials for ACT Success

My high schooler is prepping to take the ACT this summer, and we discovered a fantastic pocket guide to help him learn the essentials for this exam. Acing the ACT: An Elite Tutor’s Guide to Tricky Questions and Secret Strategies that Make a Big Difference by Elizabeth King shares all the basics students need to know to score higher on the ACT.

The best features of Acing the ACT

  • It is a short, compact book that’s easy to pick up and read in small increments. This makes it seem easier and less time consuming than if it had been presented in a large workbook format like many test prep books are. Those books are overwhelming to my son, so Acing the ACT is just right. Though it can be read cover-to-cover, Acing the ACT is like a field guide, which makes accessing specific parts a breeze.
  • The author provides lots of great tips and practical advice, such as knowing how certain questions can trick you and whether or not to guess.
  • The memorization pages are golden! These take the guesswork out of what to know for the math portion and give you all the info right there for brushing up on those pesky formulas.
  • My favorite part: the reminders about what is really most important about the ACT. Hint: it’s not what you’d think.

With Acing the ACT in his hands and my fingers crossed, my son is on the road to a less stressful test-taking experience.

The publisher provided a review copy of Acing the ACT.

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