5 Reasons to Incorporate Art in Your Homeschool

5 Reasons to Incorporate Art in Your Homeschool @mylearningtable.com

My kids have been participating in homeschool art classes for several years, and we have seen many benefits to setting aside this time each week.

Sometimes, it is easy to get caught up in just getting the basics covered in a busy homeschool, but there are many reasons why it is important to go beyond the 3 R’s, and add Art as an elective in your schedule.

Art class doesn’t have to be expensive. If you cannot find an affordable class, don’t be afraid to pull out some materials at home. You can recycle all kinds of materials from around the house, and invest in a few basic supplies like pencils, paints, and even crayons

5 Reasons to Incorporate Art in Your Homeschool

  • To gain confidence. Art is one chance to allow creativity to flourish without worrying about right or wrong. Kids who are given time to explore and create will become more confident in their abilities, and it might just trickle over to other areas like math and English.
  • To improve communication skills. Art is and expressive form of communication. Artwork tells a story, and sometimes it expresses feelings better than words can. Talk about the meaning behind the artwork and the thoughts that went into it. Maybe this will become a topic for a written essay or journal entry later on.
  • To improve fine motor skills. Using art materials with your hands: controlling the paintbrush or pencil, working clay into a specific shape, drawing a fine line.
  • For the fun of it. Everyone is happier after Art class!
  • To grow closer to God. God is creative. He created everything, and he created us to be creative. Art can become a form of worship and meditation. Taking time to be quiet and create something from the heart is a wonderful way to glorify the one who created us.
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    I loved art as a child, and have rediscovered my love for it as an adult. My teens are pretty good at photography but I can’t get them to do any other kind of art. I miss the days when they were little!

  2. Dalynn McCoy

    Great post! Thanks for sharing!

    I found you because you linked up on my blog HolySplendor – but, and I apologize, my linky code was messed up and I had to redo it! Would you mind and/or like to come re-link with the others? We’d love to have you!

    Thanks and God bless!


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