Field Trip: YMCA Camp Greenville

Field Trip: Animal Adventures

Animal Adventures

As we meandered up the mountain to arrive early in the morning for our field trip to Homeschool Adventure Day, we were greeted by a pair of deer with their fawn jumping across the road. Mommy doe nuzzled her little one and kept it close while daddy buck stood guard, and they paused to watch us as we watched them.

Field Trip: Animal Adventures

Homeschool Adventure Day Field Trip

The fresh air and thick woods were therapeutic as we left cell phone signals behind and “roughed it” for the day. I did find out that steep rugged trails and my knees don’t get along as well as they used to, but in the end, the boys’ smiling faces were the reward. Archery, riflery, rock climbing, zip lining, compass orienteering, and animal adventures–what more could a boy want?

Camp Greenville is located on a mountaintop about a half hour from Brevard, North Carolina. The historical setting was established 100 years ago on the eastern ridge of the Blue Ridge Mountains. The abundant wildlife makes it the ideal setting for nature study, and you are likely to see deer, wild turkeys, newts, and salamanders, among numerous other creatures. One of the most unique features of the facility is the Lodge building, which has artifacts from Rotary Clubs around the world embedded in it’s walls.
Field Trip: Animal Adventures

The enthusiastic counselors did a great job of making sure the kids all had fun and got plenty of opportunities to try their turns at everything. When we got out of the car at home at the end of the day, our youngest commented that the moon looked like it was smiling at us. Yep, I think it was, buddy.

Field Trip: Animal Adventures

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  1. Crystal @ Castle View Academy

    That looks like a good day out! The pale snake look similar to one we had at our camera club in the spring. Lovely!

  2. Crystal Green

    This looks like a wonderful place to go visit. I can’t believe I’ve never heard of it until now since I live so close. Thanks for sharing.


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