What We See in the Stars

An Illustrated Tour of the Night Sky

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What We See in the Stars: An Illustrated Tour of the Night Sky by Kelsey Oseid is a fun introduction to astronomy for anyone who loves space. Featuring the myths, history, and science behind the solar system, the author includes “stories and information about constellations, planets, comets, the northern lights, and more.”

The vivid artwork, combined with facts about the night sky, is beautifully presented and will especially appeal to young readers. The color scheme of dark blues and the fun fonts add to the magical quality of What We See in the Stars.

A Feast for the Imagination

This gorgeous book is fun to read on its own or to utilize as a supplement to a science curriculum to make astronomy more meaningful for young readers. Elementary through middle school learners will love perusing this book, but even adults will find it mesmerizing:

“Galileo was the first to discover Jupiter’s largest moons, now referred to as the Galilean moons. These four of Jupiter’s sixty-seven moons take their names from figures subjected to Zeus’s cruelty: Callisto, Europa, Ganymede, and Io. Europa is regarded as one of the most important bodies in our solar system–it’s considered a top candidate for scientific exploration and thought to be one of the places where alien life could exist” (p. 127).

This richly illustrated guide includes chapters on:

  • the constellations
  • the Milky Way
  • the moon
  • the sun
  • the planets
  • asteroids, comets, & meteors
  • deep space

The way the information is organized in What We See in the Stars makes it a great teaching tool. With captions, lists, important words in bold, short chapters, and an index, it is easy to find the facts you need for a science, mythology, or history lesson.

The publisher provided a review copy of What We See in the Stars.

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