Experimenting With Slime Science from Steve Spangler (Free Printable)

Slime Science

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Have your kids ever played with slime?

My boys have had tons of eerie-gooey fun with this experiment to make homemade slime, and they have been behaving like mad scientists ever since! By changing the amounts of some of the ingredients, you can make the slime with a different consistency, so it makes for some interesting experimenting. While my son tackles Chemistry this year, I am hoping to keep it interesting and exciting with projects like this slime science:

If you are teaching a larger group of kids in a classroom or co-op setting, these classroom kits make it easy to have everything you need and ready to go. My boys are already cooking up some ideas for our fall party this year.

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Slime – Atomic Classroom Kit
Our new favorite slime product is now available in a class size kit. You won’t believe how irresistible our slime is now, with a special florescence ingredient added to create an eerie glow. In normal light, our Atomic Slime seems to glow as it is squished and stretched… put the gooey concoction under a black light and it positively shines!

Slime – Green Party Pump – One Gallon
THE PERFECT PARTY SLIME! This kit comes with 128 ounces (that’s 1 gallon) of the highest quality PVA (polyvinyl alcohol) solution colored green. Use the included hand pumps to quickly measure out the exact amounts of each liquid to quickly make the best batch of slime… guaranteed. Spangler’s polyvinyl alcohol solution includes stabilizers to enhance the life of the product while reducing the growth of unwanted bacteria. Recommended for children ages 6 and up with adult supervision.

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