Real Teens Meet A Real Hero

Living History

Our Real Teens Read literature group had the privilege of meeting a real hero. After reading Anne Frank’s Diary of a Young Girl and Number the Stars by Lois Lowry, discussing both books, and learning some background history, we arranged a field trip to meet a Holocaust survivor and hear her inspiring and miraculous story.

Living literature

This was a rare opportunity for the teens to meet someone that many only get to read about. Mrs. H., who is now in her 90’s, described what it was like when the Nazis invaded her native Austria.

She told us how she and her family endured many, many scary situations but ultimately survived and escaped. She experienced horrors and trauma that are unimaginable, and lost ninety members of her family in the Holocaust, but this sweet, beautiful lady does not focus on the hatred. Instead, her focus is on what she describes as miracles: the few people who helped her and her family, and the miracles that occurred that led to her ultimate survival.

Living literature

We are all in awe of her bravery and her sweet spirit. The opportunity to meet someone who experienced this history first hand is priceless.

Living literature

My favorite quote from her talk is this:

Love brings on love,Hate brings on hate.

Love, and be loved.

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  1. Tammy

    Thank you for giving the teens this opportunity! They learned a lot and enjoyed it!


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