What to Read Link Up: Space Books for Kids

What to Read Link Up: Space mylearningtable.com

Space: The Final Frontier

Our boys LOVE all things space. From Star Wars to astronauts, from rockets to galaxies, they just can’t get enough. Our youngest is currently building a cardboard rocket and plans to find out if he can recreate Curious George’s space mission. It’s funny how many toys we have that revolve around space–action figures, vehicles, Legos, light sabers . . .

These are some of our all-time favorite picture books about space:

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I have read Byron Barton’s I Want to Be an Astronaut so many times, I know it by heart!

Here are some ways we incorporate our boys’ love of space into our homeschool curriculum:

We have an astronomy resource board on Pinterest, too!

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What to Read Link Up mylearningtable.com



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  1. Dawnita

    I’ve never seen any of these books. Cool! I know the boys would LOVE these!

    1. Anne Campbell (Post author)

      Thanks Dawnita! I hope you find some that you will enjoy reading with them. 🙂


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