What to Read Wednesday: Hiking Books for Kids

Fun things to do when you go hiking

We love to get outside and explore, and though we do more walking than hiking, we love to combine nature study and science with our forays into the wild.

You don’t really even have to go farther than your own backyard to go on a nature hike. When my kids were little, going outside to look for leaves, bugs, or mushrooms was a nice break and got everyone moving and interested. My kids have had their own nature journals since preschool, and they still enjoy recording their observations when we come back inside.

Here are some of our favorite nature hiking resources:

The Best Hiking Books for Kids

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This Land is Your Land is a wonderful resource that we’ve used in our homeschool classroom to learn more about Earth’s landforms and geological features. As we journey along on a hike across the planet, we discover plains, plateaus, rolling hills, how a stream makes a canyon, and how lava creates an archipelago. The coolest feature of this book is a section after the story that contains lesson plans and reproducible activities, as well as a huge (free) downloadable teacher’s guide on the publisher’s website that has activities covering reading, language arts, science, math, and geography. This book is just one example of how we often take a nature hike outside, and then incorporate what we observed into a full scale homeschool lesson. My kids don’t even realize they are “doing school” sometimes!

Free Printable Forest Activity Pack

Click here or on the image below to download a free forest themed printable pack that includes Nature Study Writing Prompts and Forest Themed Notebook Page. (Elementary, Middle School)

Our favorite hiking books for kids

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Comments (5)

  1. Michele Morin

    I loved nature journals! And . . . it has come to pass, that the boy who is in college right now is cranking out lab reports like a machine, and I smile and remember his drawings of Queen Anne’s lace and the life cycle of spirogyra!

    1. Anne Campbell (Post author)

      Oh, that’s just wonderful, Michele! 🙂

  2. Lori Hill-Smith

    What a fun idea for a link up! I’ll definitely be coming back to check this out often!

  3. Becki S

    This was a fun post to read. I am babysitting some kiddos this weekend and some of these activities will be perfect!

  4. Meagan

    This is awesome! I love all the ideas! Our students will really love these and now is the perfect time to be hiking with the leaves changing colors. Love it!


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