What to Read Link Up: Hat Books for Kids

What to Read Link Up: Hats mylearningtable.com


I still remember my granddaddy’s hats. He never left the house without one. In his day, hats were an essential part of a man’s wardrobe, and my grandmama had fancy hats she wore when she dressed up.

Especially when they were young, my kids loved to play dress up with hats, and we still have one of my granddaddy’s fedoras. Just a hat alone can inspire lots of imaginative play, and I keep a box full just for times when the kids feel inspired to become firefighters, cowboys, soldiers, chefs, or even a jolly elf!

What to Read Link Up: Hats mylearningtable.com

Our Favorite Hat Books

There are some really great books for kids with hats as part of the storyline. Here are some favorites from our bookshelves:

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