What to Read Link Up: Giving Books for Kids

What to Read Link Up: Giving mylearningtable.com

Teaching Kids the Importance of Giving

  • At a young age, kids can be taught about the importance of giving to others. Whether they are sharing part of their snack with a sibling, helping to choose items for a Christmas box, drawing cards to include in a care package to a soldier, contributing their gently used toys to a toy drive, or helping pick out groceries for a food pantry, kids as little as preschool age can participate readily and begin to understand the benefits of giving to others.
  • Teaching kids to be givers starts at home, and setting expectations early for kids to pitch in with family needs is an important and easy way for giving to become a natural part of their lifestyle. Doing household chores, helping with the garden, cooking with Mom, spending time reading to a younger sibling–all of these activities reinforce the power of giving.
  • When teens participate in service projects, they benefit their communities, increase their own compassion and awareness, and they even get a chance to socialize! In addition, they learn to take initiative, develop a work ethic, and develop their worldview. But where do you begin to get your teens to “unplug” and see the world outside themselves? Read more in my article: Looking Outside Yourself: Encouraging Teens for Service.
  • Reading books with the theme of giving helps reinforce this concept. See below for some of our favorite books about giving:

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What to Read Link Up mylearningtable.com

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What to Read Link Up mylearningtable.com

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