What to Read Wednesday: Farm Books for Kids

Learning About Life on the Farm

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While we don’t live on a farm, it sometimes feels like it because of all the critters we care for. We became backyard farmers to a certain extent as a result of one of our field trips a few years ago. My sons came home from an alpaca farm with three fertilized eggs, which they successfully incubated and hatched. Now I’m a chicken mom, and our hens are actually the best pets we’ve ever had!

There are several farms near where we live, so we take advantage of field trip opportunities for hands-on learning. Of course, a great way to introduce or follow up on these field trips is to read farming themed books. Even if you can’t visit a one in person, reading books like The Year at Maple Hill Farm will make you feel like you’ve had a glimpse into farming life.

Here are some links for farm-related activities:

This week, we’re sharing some of our favorite farm themed books for kids. If you have any favorites that we’ve missed, add your suggestions in the comments below. And, while you’re here, link up your family-friendly posts so we can pay you a visit.

Happy reading!

Our favorite farm themed books

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And now for the link up!

This list has our topics for 2016, but you don’t have to stick to that, any family-friendly posts are welcome.

Our hosts will still share a themed selection each week.

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  1. Mother of 3

    Wow! What a huge round up of farm books and activities! Pinned to my “science” page.

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      Thanks so much–Happy to have you stop by! 🙂

  2. Michele Morin

    Thanks for this friendly space!

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      Thanks for linking up, Michele! 🙂


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