Have You Found The Tomten?

THE TOMTEN #Christmas #reading mylearningtable.com

As we count down to Christmas, we are having fun reading our favorite Christmas books every night for read aloud time.

What are your favorite Christmas books?

We have many favorites that we pull out over and over again. But, we have just discovered The Tomten by Astrid Lindgren. I was a huge Pippi Longstocking fan as a child, but I wasn’t familiar with Ms. Lingdren’s other titles until I started looking for picture books to read with my kids.

The Tomten

THE TOMTEN #Christmas #reading mylearningtable.comThis poetic book describes a long, cold winter, blissfully guarded by the little Tomten. Like a little garden gnome come to life, the Tomten takes care of the farm, making his rounds at night in the serene scenes. The Tomten has the prettiest illustrations, which enchant my little ones as they listen to me read it aloud. Its nighttime winter setting helps ease us into bedtime as we discover the Tomten’s magical world.

The Tomten was inspired by the Swedish poem “The Tomte” by Victor Rydberg. My friend Valarie at Jump Into a Book has an English translation of the poem, which you can read by clicking here.

And, if you’d like your very own Tomten cap, Valarie also has a neat “something to do” activity.

My kids are enchanted by The Tomten, which will now be part of our winter reading list for years to come.

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