Hands-On History: Covered Wagons

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The wagon train is safe!

The pioneers are being led by Indiana Jones, two brave jawas, and some mighty ewoks. All is safe on the trail.

We bought some wooden covered wagon kits and spent the afternoon building them as we learned more about the prairie schooners. The boys carefully painted and glued together each wagon, and decided which of their lucky action figures would become pioneers headed west for a better life.

Hands-on history at its best! Throughout our pioneer study, I’ve been adding as many hands-on history activities as possible. This project was a big hit, and my boys are finding very modern uses for these Conestoga wagons. Boys’ imaginations are a magical thing to behold.

If you want to liven up your history studies, try incorporating some hands-on activities, and watch your kids become more engaged as history comes alive for them.

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