Creative Writing Bootcamp

Creative Writing Bootcamp

Teacher: Anne Campbell 

Creative Writing Bootcamp is an older elementary through high school level writing-intensive class for students who wish to improve their writing or who simply enjoy the creative process of writing. In this class, we will cover the basics of fiction writing, poetry, and creative non-fiction. Students will complete several hands-on projects and compile a notebook of their writing. At the end of this course, students will have gained confidence in their writing abilities and will be better prepared for scholarly writing.

Classes will meet once per week for 5 weeks, for 90 minutes per class in the Blue Ridge area. Two time slots are offered. Click here to see the schedule. Email me at if you have any questions.

Class size limited–Register early!

Included in the class:

  • creative writing instruction
  • hands-on projects
  • cross-curricular connections
  • all materials provided
  • emailed handouts to print out at home

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Class fee is $55 for the 5-week session, which includes all materials. Look at the class schedule first to choose the time slot you prefer, then choose Class A or Class B in the registration form.

Class Schedule


Both of our daughters have graduated, being homeschooled from start to finish. One has graduated from college, and the other is a college freshman this year. We couldn’t have done that as successfully without partnering with others who shared their gifts, talents, and strengths in some areas. Anne Campbell was one of those “partners”. Our oldest was an avid reader; our youngest was not. However, upon joining Anne’s book discussion, that changed. With Anne’s passion for Literature and Composition and her creativity in activities, our daughter not only gained an enjoyment for reading, but became a great writer, as well. I am so thankful for the impact Anne had on our daughter’s high school years and for linking arms with us in that aspect of our homeschooling journey. -Tracy E.


If you are considering taking classes with Anne, I highly recommend them. She is a fun, thorough teacher and my children love her!!! -Jennifer H.


For any homeschoolers in the area, check this out. Anne is an amazing teacher with a true gift for bringing the material alive for her students. I can not recommend her highly enough. Share with your homeschool friends, too! -Sonya W.


I want to encourage anyone who is looking for an English class to talk with Anne about this class. My younger son participated for 3 years. When I compare it with what my older son did in co-ops, it was hands down superior. His college English professors have told him he is one of the best students they have in their classes.
The added bonus was the camaraderie that developed between the regulars in Anne’s classes. .
She formerly taught high school English and has homeschooled her 3 sons from the beginning of their school days. Her older son graduated as valedictorian of their homeschool association. She is an exceptional resource for the homeschool community.
Run, don’t walk, to sign up for this class or anything else she offers! -Carol S.