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Astronomy With The New Astronomy Book

Danny Faulkner’s The New Astronomy Book from Master Books is an affordable all-in-one science book. It is easy for me as a homeschool moms to implement in our elementary science course. And, it ingeniously includes three levels of skill, while presenting the subject of astronomy from a biblical worldview. When I received this book as a Moms of Master Books reviewer, I was thrilled to find that it complements the astronomy courses my middle and high schoolers are doing, so my youngest can participate with them. It makes homeschool science easier on me when all of my boys are on the same topic–Score!

Part of the Wonders of Creation series, The New Astronomy Book contains fifteen chapters plus a complete glossary, with just under a hundred total pages. Large, colorful photographs, illustrations, charts, and graphs add visual interest, while a system of color coding points parents to the appropriate content for different ages or skill levels. Younger learners are directed to one section, intermediate learners add another level, and advanced learners read everything. This arrangement is ideal for the homeschool classroom, as everyone in the family can use this resource together, and it grows with your child so it can be used over and over again.

Topics include the planets and solar system, the night sky and telescopes, stars and other cosmic bodies, and the history of astronomy. This book can easily be used over the course of a semester, is all-inclusive for younger grades, and with a few additional resources could be used for a 1/2 high school credit. The color-coded advanced skill section provide opportunities for research and projects that add substance to a high school level course. Because of the clear divisions within each chapter, me and my students can cover astronomy in as much or as little detail as desired.

The New Astronomy Book wonderfully presents science from a creationist perspective in a non-forced way. This book doesn’t just present science with a few Bible verses randomly placed. Instead, the entire course is approached with a Christian worldview, but touchy topics are not ignored. For example, the Big Bang theory is discussed at length, with evidence presented to refute evolutionary views.

A pull-out poster of the planets makes a nice addition to our classroom walls. The glossary includes page numbers, so we can easily reference information we need. To top off all the goodies in The New Astronomy Book, it is priced under twenty dollars. My family has certainly found its value as a homeschool resource to be exceptional. Highly recommended!

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